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    GIFEW is dedicated to nurturing and developing the inherent qualities that tend to come naturally to women. We empower extraordinary women to co-create a new culture where men and women operate harmoniously at an entirely new level.

    We believe that the Female energy is the access to this level of operation. Extraordinary women with a vision bigger than themselves so naturally and powerfully join our constellation.

    Femina Fusion ONLINE
    GIFEW Programs and Courses showcase

    Femina Fusion ONLINE is a modern, fast and powerful 6 week multi-media program that you can join from the comfort of your home, anytime.

    Mentoring program 2014

    This is a personal invitation for women leaders like you - women who have a vision for the world, and who lead and mobilise people, teams and resources to fulfil that vision!

    Extraordinary Presence for Extraordinary Women
    Extraordinary Presence Program
    Events & Meetups

    All of our programs are group programs that support and encourage collaboration. You can still live where you live and by joining a community of like-minded women who are on the same path, you also gain access to resources, knowledge and people on a global scale. Your opportunities rapidly expand.

    Authentic and Integrated leadership profiler-s

    GIFEW Network

    At GIFEW, we awaken women to accelerate their growth and find their unique place in the world.

    We empower women to create their own Constellations to establish their legacy.

    Women in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women will find themselves living their life with purpose, passion, effectiveness and power, while making the difference to which they are committed and by which they are truly inspired.

    You are invited to be part of our global network.

    Once you're part of the institute, we will help you connect to a network of other women, who will support you as you grow and will collaborate with you on the projects that you love.

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